About Remote Work and Play

Remote Work and Play helps you with being more productive in your remote work. And with being able to socialize and play with friends and family remotely.

  • Work
    • Setting up a productive home office in whatever space you have available
    • Help getting your work computer online at home
    • Working while living with others
    • Instant messaging and video chat apps
    • Making the most of your webcam
    • Managing your mental health
  • Play
    • Instant messaging and video chat apps anyone can use easily
    • Virtual board games
    • Using your extra free time to do the things you’ve always put off

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COVID-19 Origins

The idea came from the sudden increase in work from home workers. Due to efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Some had some experience with work from home, either a few days a week or on days they needed some flexibility. But many more were thrust into working from home. With little to no time to prepare.

Likewise orders to stay at home cuts off social ties and activities we all enjoy. And need in times of stress. So more than ever there is demand for remote communication tools. To keep in touch with friends and family. And to interact beyond simple voice and text chat.

About the Author

I have been working from home full time for the past 3 years. I’m the creator of SwitchChargers.com, among other projects involving sales and writing. A part of what had been a small, but growing trend of workers. Which has sense exploded since the COVID outbreak.

Before that I spent 12 years in IT support. Where I frequently worked from home. Covering overnights and weekends. Even providing one man support to all my customers during a severe weather event. I supported hundreds of customers who themselves were often working remotely. From out of their own homes or a hotel room. And sometimes for extreme remote locations. Including on board an aircraft carrier, in active war zones, and at a base camp for Mount Everest. Some I went to their homes to setup for advance level of work from home functionality. Others I only ever knew through phone calls and email, as they lived and worked on the other side of the planet.

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