Day 35 of Quarantine Memes

Quarantine Memes - This is the way

No major event these days is complete without memes. As we all go through this time of social distancing we’ll have shared experiences. Not to mention some of us have more time on our hands than we know what to do with. Fun social media postings and memes are a natural result. Here is a small collection of coronavirus, work from home, and quarantine memes.

Social distancing, this is the way

This is the way

Data caps lifted, the Internet is fine

Quarantine Memes - Comcast data cap lie

Online classes


Quarantine Memes - Online Classes

Day 10 of Quarantine – The cat continues to kick my butt at board games

Quarantine Memes - Cat Board Games

Walmart reports an increase in sales of tops, not bottoms


Seriously, Walmart reported those sales figures recently.

Work From Home Corporate Attire

Just don’t work yourself to death

Greatest work from home moment

AntiVirus Mask

Norton AntiVirus Mask

Day 12 of Quarantine – Traversed the kitchen

Quarantine Memes - Traversed the kitchen

Productivity went up 25% that day

Working from home with kids

Mum is in a meeting

Some of us are use to staying at home

Quarantine Memes - Introverts after 30 days

I’m using March 11th as the “Day 1 of Quarantine” meme marker. Many consider is the start date for the changes COVID-19 has brought. Several major events occurred that day, making the situation “real” for many.

  • WHO declared COVID-19 virus a global pandemic.
  • Italy ordered the closing of almost all businesses nationwide.
  • Tom Hanks and his wife announced they have coronavirus.
  • The NBA suspended its season after its first player tested positive for coronavirus.
  • First stock market plunge, ending the 11 year bull market.
  • U.S. suspended most travel from Europe.