New Gamer Tips – How To Get Into Playing Video Games

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These new gamer tips will help you enjoy and get the most of out of your new hobby. Regardless of what platform you’re using. Or the types of games you’re playing.

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How To Get Into Playing Video Games Series

Modern video games provide entertainment and socialization which works alongside social distancing practices. They are interactive, increasing your interest and engagement. Online multiplayer is a form of remote socializing. Cooperative games allow a family to come together for a shared goal.

Anyone can get into video games, with hardware you likely already own. It doesn’t need a big investment to get started. This series goes over how to get into playing video games on several different platforms. Including your phone, computer, and gaming consoles.

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Use the platform your friends are using

Multiplayer online is easiest when everyone is using the same platform. Some games offer cross-platform multiplayer, but not all. PlayStation has been against allowing player to play with others on Xbox or PC. So you’ll get the best results running the same setup your friends do.

For consoles you can bring over your own controller for local multiplayer. Once social distancing has ended.

Even if you play single player there is social benefit to playing what your friends are also playing. It gives you all something new to talk about. Sharing experiences and tips.

When choosing a new game to play consider these factors

Games that are hot right now. They will get the more attention from friends and social media. You can better enjoy discussions and memes that come up. You can always play a popular game later, likely at a discount. But you’ll never get back the feeling of being part of the group experience.

The game you were last looking forward to. If you took a break from gaming, or almost got into it but didn’t go back to the last game that caught your interest. You can play it. Or try out the latest game from its series.

Check out the latest games from a series you played as a kid. Many beloved games are still releasing new titles, especially Nintendo. Check out their latest offerings. Relieve some of your childhood gaming glory days, while enjoying all new content.

Start on easy difficult

There’s nothing wrong with starting a new game on an easy difficulty setting. Especially for new gamers who haven’t played that kind of game, before. How much the difficulty settings change a game varies. But in general:

  • Easy: You’re punished less for bad play and/or easier to achieve goals. Great for getting your feet wet. Or if you’re more interested in the story than a challenge.
  • Normal: How the developers (who are gamers) intended the game to be.
  • Hard: Engaged veteran gamers more. Increases the challenge to keep them interested.

Play with a friend

You may prefer socializing while you play. In which case play with a friend online. Or with family/roommates at home. If you aren’t competitive stick with co-operative games, where you have a shared goal.

Start with one game, expand your library later

Being able to focus on one game at a time helps with any learning curve. You won’t mix up which buttons do which moves. As you play the game more you’ll naturally learn and memorize aspects of it. If you’re a completionism you can finish the game, freeing your mind for the next game.

Focus on the game when playing, but take breaks

Good games take time. That makes them good entertainment value, especially when you can get a lot of hours out of them. You need to sit down and give them longer play sessions of 20 minutes to a few hours.

That said, you should also take breaks. Pause or reach a stopping point. Then get up and stretch your legs. Go to the bathroom. Grab a drink or a snack. Whatever gets you moving a little bit. As well as focused on something else short term. Then go back to the game refreshed. A lot like how you work or do chores.

Use a walkthrough guide

A walkthrough guide will help you from getting lost in the game. Useful for games with large environments and lots of different things to do. A guide is not a cheat, it is there to help you focus on what you want to do in the game next. Where to go and what you need to complete your current goal. Then what next goal you want to reach.

YouTube videos are good for previews and tips

As with many other things in life you can find YouTube help videos for most games. They are a good way to checkout the actual play of a new game you’re considering. As well as showing you exactly how to do certain things in the game.

Like with anything on the Internet avoid over-hyped content. Be ready to skim through the video until you find the part you’re looking for.

Don’t bother to ask questions in the comments section. Most YouTubers don’t respond directly to comments. Those that do usually only do so in the first few days after posting. A video from a few months ago won’t get you an answer not already in the video.

Find a Discord, Facebook Group, or Reddit subreddit focused on your game

Popular games have social group followings online. Found on Discord, Facebook Groups, and/or Reddit. These are great resources for getting the most out of your game. Gameplay stories, shared experiences, and memes will abound. If you have a question you’ll get better responses here than on video platforms. You can find them with a simple search. Such as ”pokemon discord” or ”animal crossing reddit.”

Discord is a text, voice, and video chat app made for gamers by gamers. You can join any number of public Discord servers, each with their own tab in the app. It is more of a group chat, with the busier ones having constant updates. But you can search you information you’re looking for. Or ask questions and get a fast response.

Facebook Groups work okay for those already on Facebook a lot. You can join and have them in your stream. How active they are can vary.

Reddit offers specific subreddits dedicated to a topic. At the macro level there’s /r/gaming and subs dedicated to various gaming platforms. What you want is the sub dedicated to your game. You can see hot current topics. Search for specific information. And ask questions. Reddit has its issues, but is generally a safer online community as it has more moderation.